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April 07 - December 30


Follow the championship LIVE

FIA World Touring Car Championship 2017

The FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) is fast, frantic and embarking on a flat-out global tour from April to December live on Eurosport.

Emerging young stars take on category experts, world champions and ex-grand prix drivers in turbocharged race-ready versions of punch-packing road cars from Chevrolet, Citroën, Honda, LADA and Volvo.

Door handle-to-door handle, bumper-to-bumper sprint racing means contact can and does happen. With top speeds in excess of 265kph, tempers rise and friction occurs.

The WTCC stops off at Formula One venues past and present, demanding modern facilities, challenging street tracks, plus the infamous Nürburgring Nordschleife with its 25.378-kilometre lap and 64 heart-stopping turns.

WTCC Manufacturers Against the Clock (WTCC MAC3) is a Tour de France-inspired team trial with three drivers from each manufacturer on track against the clock for two laps. It’s a dramatic spectacle and puts team competition to the fore with simply no margin for error.


7-9: WTCC Race of Morocco (Marrakech) S

28-30: WTCC Race of Italy (Monza)


12-14: WTCC Race of Hungary (Hungaroring)

25-27: WTCC Race of Germany (Nürburgring Nordschleife)


23-25: WTCC Race of Portugal (Vila Real) S


14-16: WTCC Race of Argentina (Termas de Río Hondo)


13-15: WTCC Race of China (Ningbo International Speedpark)*

27-29: WTCC Race of Japan (Twin Ring Motegi)


17-19: WTCC Race of Macau (Circuit de Guia) S


30 November-1 December: WTCC Race of Qatar (Losail International Circuit) N

S=street race; N=night race; *Subject to event promoter agreement

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