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November 26 2016 - March 19

Nordic Combined World Championships and World Cup

Watch the Nordic Combined season LIVE

Follow the best of the Nordic Combined season LIVE on Eurosport Player

Nordic Combined: The 2016-2017 edition of the Nordic Combined World Cup will take place from 26th November 2016 through to 19th March 2017. Eurosport’s coverage of the Nordic Combined World Championships in Lahti, Finland, runs from 23rd February to 5th March 2017.

To make sure you don't miss a moment of this season, here is the provisional schedule:


Ruka: 26/11 - 27/11


Lillehammer: 02/12 - 04/12

Ramsau: 17/12 - 18/12


Lahti: 07/01 - 08/01

Val di Fiemme: 13/01 - 15/01

Chaux-Neuve: 21/01 - 22/01

Seefeld: 27/01 – 29/01


Pyeongchang: 04/02 - 05/02

Sapporo: 10/02 - 11/02 

Lahti (World Championships): 23/02 - 05/03

MARCH 2017

Oslo: 11/03 - 11/03

Trondheim: 15/03 - 15/03

Schonach: 18/03 - 19/03

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